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Welcome to Cloud9 Spa

Welcome to Cloud9spa; a leading spa center in Bhubaneswar where you feel “ Beauty and peace lies within you! ” This exclusive spa and body massage center near Chandrasekharpur in Bhubaneswar offers you with the best of relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty services that makes you believe your life has been a gift from the almighty. Cloud9spa is known for providing a number of customers with its impressive standard of complete salon, and wellness experience. We believe that every person deserve to be beautiful and healthy enough in her or his life.

Manicure & Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure services would help your hands and feet to be pampered and you can offer them wonderful refined treatments and grace with the exclusive touch of our beauticians. If you are looking for something great for your hands and feet including the finger,

Wellness & Spa

“Life is not merely being alive. It is being well!” This alluring quote expresses how important wellness is for a life. To get the best of wellness and spa services from expert hands you just need to reach cloud9spa, one of the leading spa and massage center near patia, Bhubaneswar.

Beauty Packs

We, at Cloud9spa have all kinds of solutions for you perfect beauty. Our beauty services include, waxing, threading, bleaching and many more. Walk in to this best body massage and spa in Bhubaneswar for all your beauty and wellness solutions and experience the wonder of our exclusive beauty treatments.

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